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For a wide range of concreting services, such as concrete cutting, in Coromandel Peninsula

When you need concreting services, such as concrete cutting or concrete floors, in the Coromandel Peninsula, the team at Concrete Worx can provide a wide range of services with the utmost precision and care. For example, we offer a chemical staining service where you can colour your concrete. We can use these stains to produce different effects and results (Everything from single colour to detailed artworks). Other services in our extensive range are featured on this page.

Concrete Grinding/Sealing & Polishing

Grinding exposes the stones in your concrete. We can do grinds from light to fully exposed, we then use special sealant (matt to gloss) to enhance the look even further. We can also do all types of coloured concrete. If you prefer a polished floor, we grind and then can polish up to 3000g. We add a special stain resister, then buff to your desire. Certified to provide HTC superfloor - the best concrete floor available!

Concrete Toppings

Toppings are used when existing concrete is in poor condition. It is harder and more durable than the existing concrete and available in an extensive colour range.

Concrete Laying

We can lay your concrete so that it is best for grinding and polishing.

Concrete Cutting

We have the machinery to handle ANY type of cut.

Concrete Core Drilling

Drilling for all occasions! We can do holes in a huge range of diameters and to all different levels. Awkward places are no worries. Real precision drilling.

Decorative Cutting

Cutting concrete to provide the look you are after. Make your concrete look the way you want!

Block Honing & Sealing

Bring out the natural look of the pumice and stone within your blockwork - either on a finished wall or individually before they are laid. We are the only STO certified applicator in the Coromandel Peninsula so you can enjoy the peace of mind that their warranty brings.

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